HR Management


The complete suite for Workplace Digital Transformation

An AI-based solution for automated business organization management that ensures relevant information is communicated at the right time.
Ensure employee efficiency and implement accurate management control.


Overarching HR software which Connects & Empowers

Employee Profiling RSD software provides organizations with information on monitoring human resources. Our advanced technology helps you save the details of your employees, including their personal information as well as attendance records, pass or fail grades for training periods, etc. Every employee is given a specific number that automatically manages their data by marking their location and movement at different locations throughout the building at various times.
In/Out Time and Welcoming Relish the freedom to apply any policy for your time in office & leave. You can send personalized messages to the employees on entering and leaving the office. Each employee will get a specified number which will be used throughout for their profiling.
Employee Activity With our smart systems, you can monitor office movement with different heatmaps, showing how much time people spend in each area and how you effectively use the space.
COVID-19 Compliance Regulate COVID-19 SOP compliance by ensuring all your employees are wearing a mask with the face mask index. Ensure social distancing with occupancy management, maintaining the optimum number of employees in a room. With RSD, implement SOPs not only at the entrance & exit but anywhere in the office.
Face Mask Index
Social Distance Violation
Occupancy Management Manage the number of people inside a certain area to not exceed the allowed number and use your spaces efficiently.

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