Audience Measurement Platform Red Sea Digital is an Artificial Intelligence based audience measurement platform that only needs a camera feed to provide analytics like footfall, its demographics, heatmaps and other relevant details.
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Red Sea Digital is an Artificial Intelligence based audience measurement platform that only requires a camera feed to measure and monitor the audience in the field of view and provide personal data analytics along with key KPIs to organizations that help them know their audience better.

RSD Content Management Solution further enables customers to manage content across various screens, providing the ultimate smart digital management!

Analyze the audience and their behavior.
Monitor areas to generate important KPIs and analytics.
Analyze peak hours, traffic trends, dead and hot areas, etc.
Analyze your strategies by checking the data points and trends.
Monitor Covid-19 SOP compliance.
Improve customer experience & employee efficiency.
Make experience for visitors targeted, engaging and interactive.
Media broadcasting system for smart digital advertisements.


Retail Analytics With analytics like footfall, floor-wise step-ins, heat maps, dwell time, area-wise traffic, audience demographics, and more, know your audience and their behavior in your retail outlets to make smart and informed decisions.
Covid Compliance Ensure a safe and healthy environment at your organization by monitoring whether everyone is complying with the SOPs which include wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and managing occupancy limits. Additionally, RSD features real-time analytics and alerts to any violations that let you to take necessary action immediately.
HR Management AI-based solution for automated organization management that ensures important information is communicated at the right time. Featuring employee profiling, entry & exit points monitoring, and the ability to implement accurate management control.
RSD Content Management RSD is dedicated to providing you with full service and help your business flourish. Our CMS helps in connecting multiple and remote screens and provide with an ability to manage, push, schedule and display content on these screens centrally through dashboard.
Indoor DOOH Advertising Envisioning the largest indoor network of screens, RSD provides you the opportunity to advertise your brand over our extensive network of screens spread across the country.
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Retail Analytics
Covid 19
Smart Surveyor
HR Management
Content Management
Dynamic Ad Analytics
Dwell Time
Smart Surveyor
Mask Indication
Gaze Time
Dynamic Ads
Occupancy Management
Attendance Summary
Employee Profiling
Smooth Communication Systems
Screen Synchronizing
4K HD 60 FPS
App Store & Google Play
Time Management

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